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04/21/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Morningstar News has reported that Fulani militants attacked a group of Christians who were dedicating a small child in a church in Nasarawa State. The attack led to the deaths of 17 Christians including the mother of the baby. This attack took place on 14 April, in Akwanga County, Nasarawa State, Nigeria and is just the latest in continuing attacks on Christian communities by Fulani militants.

The 17 Christians who were killed have been buried in a mass grave outside the local Baptist church, which most of those killed had attended. The burial took place on Wednesday, 17 April. According to the report, the father of the young child is currently in critical condition in the hospital after being shot. Another 8 people were also injured.

These attacks still garner very little attention from the national government of Nigeria or from the international community. The Nigerian administration is holding to its claims that these attacks are historical and socio-economic in nature. They refuse to say that there are any religious causes for the attacks, despite continual attacks on Christians, who suffer more than 80% of the casualties.

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