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04/18/2019 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – Omar al-Bashir has been arrested by the Sudanese military. According to reports from the currently ruling military council, Bashir was taken into custody last Thursday and held under house arrest on the presidential estate. After this, the protestors continued calling for the disgraced ex-president to thrown in jail.

This morning, the council said that they had transferred the president to prison, though they have not said where. Some of the protestors have said that they don’t trust the military. Bashir has been in control of the government and military for so long that they believe he will not be held accountable for his time as dictator. The military council has already said that they will not send him abroad to be judged by the International Criminal Court, who has had an arrest warrant for him for years. He has been accused of genocide against the people of Darfur and Blue Nile.

It is good to see that Bashir has finally been removed from power, but now it is time for the military council to prove that they truly want what the people want. The protests have called for the interim government to begin turning control over to a democratic government within the next month. The military council however said that they would be preparing for elections to be held in two years. If they do not allow the people to control the nation, this will likely turn into another military government or dictatorship.

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