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04/14/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – As Boko Haram and Fulani militants ramp up their brutal campaign of violence throughout Nigeria, the death toll continues to rise. According to the ACLJ, Nigeria has become a fatal war zone for defenseless Christians.

Reports claim that Islamic jihadists have slaughtered more than 120 Christians and burned dozens of homes since election season in February.

ISIS-affiliated militants and extremist Fulani tribesmen have hammered Christian villages in the Kaduna, Benue, and Borno states, waging a bloodthirsty campaign that has seen the murdering of Christians, kidnapping of young girls, and the burning of Christian villages.

After a recent church attack, a local priest described the devastation and the many helpless children left orphaned by the terrorists.

“After that attack, I came to visit the villages in the two-mile area around my church, and it was like a cemetery, as dozens were killed. I have dozens of little children, with no school supplies, no uniforms and no desks, and I need to create a school for them,” the pastor stated.

Despite these violent campaigns there have been few attempts by the Nigerian government to hold the militants accountable or disarm them. In the absence of help from the Nigerian government, Nigerian Christian leaders have appealed to President Trump for help.

By Global Terrorism Index (GTI) 2018 ranking, Nigeria remains as the 3rd ‘Most Terrorized Country’ for Fourth Consecutive Year. The Nigerian government and the rest of the world need to remember and pray against the deadly violence taking place in Nigeria.

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