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04/12/2019 Myanmar (International Christian Concern) – 169 years ago today, Adoniram Judson, the American missionary who first brought the gospel to Burma, died at sea and was buried in the Bay of Bengal. Affectionately known as Saya (“teacher” in Burmese) Judson, he is remembered as Myanmar’s most significant missionary.

International Mission Board notes that Adoniram spent almost forty years in Burma, which is now the nation of Myanmar. During his ministry, he helped lead hundreds of Burmese and people from the Karen tribe to saving faith in Jesus Christ, translated the Bible and other Christian writings into two different languages, wrote numerous booklets and tracts on a variety of theological topics, and encouraged Baptists in America to unite for the sake of global missions.

His life as a missionary, however, was filled with trials and tribulations. The Judsons constantly faced sickness, suffering, and death. He lost three children and his first wife Nancy to illness. He was regarded as a spy during the First Anglo-Burmese War, and was imprisoned for more than a year.

When he was released from prison, he was called to serve as a translator for the peace negotiations between Burma and England. His translation of the peace treaty was regarded as a contributor that ended the First Anglo-Burmese War.

His years of ministry yielded fruitful results in the country – today, the Baptist churches continue to be the largest denomination in Myanmar, with nearly one million members across the state. His translated work also left behind a legacy benefiting the Christian community and Burmese people.

With these final words on his lips, he lived out an inspiring life as Christ’s servant:


The Love of Christ


Boundless in its breadth,


Infinite in its length,


Fathomless in its depths,


And measureless in its height.


In these deserts let me labor.


On these mountains let me tell,


How he died, the blessed Savior,


To redeem a world from hell.

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