Muslim Convert to Christianity Forced into Hiding in Uganda

04/10/2019 Uganda (International Christian Concern) – According to Morning Star News, Sheikh Hassan Podo used to be a radical Imam. He even belonged to a Muslim extremist group that was responsible for attacking a church in Katira, Uganda.

However, a pastor shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him and he placed his faith in Christ. A week later, Podo was followed into Christianity by his wife.

The family then stopped attending prayers at the Mosque for several weeks. Members of the community became suspicious and then one young man saw Podo entering a church, Morning Star News reported. The man then relayed what he saw to Podo’s parents and siblings.

When Podo returned home, the family questioned him about his whereabouts. Without waiting for a response, his family began to beat him relentlessly. Fortunately, his wife and two children were able to flee to a Christian neighbor before they too were abused.

According to Morning Star News, a local resident later found Podo unconscious and covered in blood. He was able to receive immediate medical attention and was released from a clinic after two days. The family is now in hiding at an unknown location.

A local pastor has reported that Podo’s father has gathered a mob of Muslims from the area to hunt his son down and has also disowned and disinherited him.

This persecution is common for Muslim converts to Christianity across the Islamic world. In many cases, to embrace Jesus Christ necessarily means losing one’s position in the community, work place, and even family.

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