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04/04/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – “I haven’t done anything wrong and have been deprived of basic needs,” said Naderi in an open let­ter. “However, I’ve always prayed for you to be fair and just. Not only did you not stick to any of your promises you gave in the court, in front of the pastor, my family, and all the people who were present, you hated me more and more every day.”

Judge Mashallah Ahmadzadeh (JMA) sought to crush Naderi. He sentenced him to 10 years in prison for “violating national security,” including an additional five-year prison sentence for “insulting Islamic sanctities.” Naderi earned the extra sen­tence by posting to Facebook about the price of chicken with a Quranic style of writing. Naderi is currently appealing his sentence and has been temporarily released from prison.

Meanwhile, JMA continues with his attacks on the Church. It’s impossible to know the exact number of Christians who have suffered at his hands, but dozens are believed to be currently facing charges in his court.

Evin Prison: The Engine of Church Growth

Two hundred and fifty Christians like Naderi have been swallowed up and (some) spit out by Evin Prison, the most notorious prison in Iran. As reports of hor­rific suffering under abominable conditions surface, the Church may be tempted to hysteria. After all, the Church is the primary tar­get of the Iranian court system. However, Church growth in Iran has been expanding alongside, in spite of, and perhaps because of government persecution. God has thwarted Satan’s attempts to use the Iranian court system for evil. Iranian Christians have been con­verting from Islam by the thou­sands! Evin Prison does not spell out death for the Church in Iran; it’s the engine of Church growth.

ICC Taking Action

ICC is calling on the United States government to hold the Iranian court system accountable for its cruel injustice. For the past year, ICC has been compiling records on Christians who have endured unjust and violent abuse within Evin Prison. ICC submit­ted detailed documents tracing the abuse of Christian prisoners for further review by the U.S. Department of Treasury. Should this human rights abuse be taken seriously by the U.S. government, the judges’ actions and travel power will be severely limited under the Global Magnitsky Act.

ICC will soon be releasing more information in an exclu­sive series on Iran, featuring sto­ries from victims, descriptions of Evin Prison, and information regarding the plight of the great­er Church in Iran.

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