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03/28/2019 Mali (International Christian Concern) – Church leaders in Mali have spoken out against a brutal attack on Fulani village in central Mali. The attack was perpetrated by a violent “self-defense” group that claims they attacked the village because they were harboring Islamic extremists.

On March 25, the village of Ogossagou, a predominantly Fulani Muslim village in central Mali, was attacked by the Dogon Dan Na Ambassagou group. According to CNN, these militants killed 134 people, including dozens of children, and left the village devastated by fire.

Violent “self-defense” groups have risen to prominence because the Malian government has struggled to maintain control of the country after jihadist groups rose up in 2012. The Dogon Dan Na Ambassagou group formed to retaliate against the jihadists, but have taken the issue to the extreme by massacring innocent villages. In the attack on Ogossagou, the defense group attacked the village based on the premise that they were Fulani, a predominantly Muslim ethnic group.

Evangelical leaders and Catholic bishops have spoken out against these attacks and have offered their condolences to the Fulani community. The churches are collaborating together to lead special prayers services in response and are seeking to take other actions aimed at advocating for peace in Mali.

Presently the United Nations is looking into the attack on Ogossagou and to bring justice to the Fulani village. This attack is one in a history of ethno-religious violence against Fulani people because of some extremists that are from their tribe.

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