Egypt Begins Societal Debate on Constitutional Changes

03/22/2019 Egypt (International Christian Concern) – The first of six scheduled societal debates before Egypt’s Parliament began on Wednesday regarding proposed constitutional amendments which would allow President Sisi to stay in power until the year 2034. The proposed constitutional amendments would also increase the military’s role in politics.

Parliament approved these draft changes last month, and preparations are currently being made to earn societal approval. The inaugural societal debate was attended by Islamic and Christian representatives, who all voiced their support for the amendments.

Egypt’s Christians have a complicated history with the government. President Sisi has made legal changes which streamlined the church legalization of current churches, although his record of approving new church buildings is worse than his predecessor. Christians have experienced heavy violence under President Sisi’s tenure. But notably, sectarian tensions have quieted significantly since the government began pushing for constitutional reform.

The population of Christians in Egypt is considered a state secret, but it is widely known that Egypt has the largest concentration of Christians in the Middle East.

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