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3/21/19 Nigeria (International Christian Concern)- Early in the morning on Saturday, March 16, Nandu village in Kaduna State, Nigeria was attacked. Following the string of recent attacks in Kaduna State, Saturday’s killings added an additional nine Christians to the death toll. Since February 10, there have been at least 270 people killed in Kaduna State alone.

There were several burnt homes as well. The governor of Kaduna state confirmed that the latest attack did occur and called for sustainable peace, but made no mention of those responsible for the killings. Governor Rufai is quoted as saying “violence has left an unacceptable toll of death and injury, loss of livelihoods, pain and fear…Evil will never triumph over our common humanity”.

Kaduna state, part of Nigeria’s Middle Belt, has experienced a significant increase in attacks since 2019, but unfortunately they are far from the only state suffering such events. It has been reported that at least 70 Christians have been killed during a 10-week span at the beginning of 2019 across the other Middle Belt states.


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