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3/20/2019 Uganda (International Christian Concern)- Adroa was a bright scholar as a young child in Islamic religion classes. When he finished school, he managed to secure a scholarship to a university in Saudi Arabia to learn more about Islam and apologetics.

During his studies, he learned about the Muslim version of Jesus through the Quran. In Islam, Jesus is only a prophet and not the son of God or equal with God. Reading about Jesus in these texts made him begin to doubt Islam.

President Idi Amin of Uganda eventually was dethroned from his dictatorial platform, and Adroa was forced to return home. Adroa was still discontent with Islam, yet chose to continue following the religion of his upbringing. Living in Uganda again gave him the opportunity to teach Islamic values and knowledge through developing a mosque and teaching in local schools.

While attending a forum in 2006 between Christian and Muslim leaders he heard the gospel for the first time. His restless heart came to the end of its journey and he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior. He hid his faith for years until he eventually publically proclaimed that he was a Christian.

He began to live openly as a Christian and received threats on his life and was almost abducted and murdered at one point for speaking out about his faith. Open Doors quotes him saying that “although my life may be in danger, I know I am secure in God’s hands.”

Pray for Muslim background believers (MBBs) throughout the world. Their lives are at even more risk than people from Christian families because they abandoned the Muslim faith.


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