Christians and Muslims Unite to Pursue Justice for Pakistani Woman

03/19/2019 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – A few weeks ago, Christian mother, Saima Iqbal, was abducted by a Muslim man and subsequently allegedly tortured, raped and forced to convert to Islam. Missing after 10 days, the police returned Samia to her husband, Naveed Iqbal. Heartbroken and devastated by his wife’s incident, Naveed has appealed to the Pakistani Prime Minister and Pakistan’s chief justice to help him seek justice for his family and the abductor.

On Sunday, March 17th, local Christians and Muslims held a protest demonstration outside Islamabad’s press club to express their outrage over the failure of the Pakistani authorities to deliver justice to Pakistani rape victim, Saima Iqbal. Placing religious differences aside, both Christian and Muslim leaders voiced their dismay at the continuing triviality of the authorities.

Recently elected Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan campaigned on freedom, equality, justice and fairness promised its minority citizens that justice and fair play will reign if he is nominated. However, his failed promises and policies and brought Christians and Muslims to join hands and protest their outrage against his administration.

Chief Executive of International Minorities Concern, Shereaz Khan, criticized the Prime Minister saying, “Sadly, not much has changed from minority citizen’s standpoint. Poor Christian women like Saima Iqbal continue to suffer. Asia Bibi of Pakistan is being held in Pakistan without any moral or legal justification despite her acquittal by Pakistan’s top court. We urge the international community to use its influence on Pakistan so that it takes concrete measures to give protection to the lives and the properties of Christians and the rest of its minority citizens.”

In joining Naveed to seek justice for Samia, two very distinctive religions have unified to fight for Christians and other persecuted minorities for equal rights in Pakistan.

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