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Turkey Prepares Armenian Genocide Refutation

03/16/2019 Turkey (International Christian Concern) – The Turkish Institute of History has announced that they are preparing to publish 25 volumes which refute Turkey’s involvement in the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Researchers claim that they found manipulated documents in the archives of other countries which led them to accuse Turkey of committing genocide against Armenian Christians.

This announcement comes as the Armenian community faces state interference regarding the succession of Patriarch Mesrob II, who recently died but had been incapacitated since 2008. Turkey is also pushing back on a recently released State Department Human Rights report which noted that the term “Armenian” remains a commonly used slur.

Although the Armenian Genocide happened over a century ago, its implications continue to be felt throughout the Middle East. Reports indicate that Syrian Armenian refugees are intentionally avoiding Turkey, as their grandparents were victims of the genocide. Turkish Armenian Christians regularly report harassment, including the vandalization of churches which includes death threats.

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