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03/15/2019 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – According to the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART), a UK based NGO, 32 churches have been burned down in the Nuba Moutnains region of Sudan over the past year. They said that another 40 have also been demolished. The Nuba Mountians is home to the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement North, a rebel group fighting the oppression of the Sudanese National government. Due to this, the Sudanese government has been committing genocide against the people living in the Nuba Mountians for years.

They indiscriminately bomb the region, trying to clear it of the rebel army. However, they often just kill and maim the local civilian population who has nothing to do with the fight. They also destroy homes and churches in the attacks. The people living in the Nuba Mountains are primarily traditional believers or Christians. This also contributes to the attacks, as Bashir, the countries president, believes that the country is only for Muslims ever since South Sudan gained its independence.

Sudan ranks as the 6th worst persecutor of Christians in the world according to the World Watch List by Open Doors.

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