BJP Solidifies as India Prepares for Elections

3/15/19 India (International Christian Concern)- As India prepares for elections in mid-April, two of the country’s main parties have forged an alliance against the ruling party, the BJP. The region of Uttar Pradesh is one of particular interest given that in the last month alone there have been 28 leaders of opposition parties who have defected to the BJP, many of which come from this state. Uttar Pradesh alone sends 80 members to parliament.

Yesterday, an important member of the opposition party in Congress, left his stance of more than 20 years to join the BJP. Many have cited this as a concern for the continued influence that the BJP will wield in the coming elections. As reported earlier, 2019 has already seen a 57% increase in attacks on Christians, all of which has occurred under the BJP’s ruling. If the BJP is able to solidify their base, despite the efforts of the coalition against them, it will mark years of concern for the Christians there who have continued to suffer.


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