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3/12/19 Kyrgyzstan (International Christian Concern)- All religious organizations are required to register with the government in Kyrgyzstan. Of the 300 registered groups, more than 210 of those are Christian churches. While the Catholic church has had official offices in Kyrgyzstan since 1969, they have experienced many issues becoming full-functioning churches within the country. Across the entire country, there are only six priests and four nuns who serve under 2,000 Catholics.

One American-born priest has recently moved to minister to Kyrgyzstan. In an interview with National Catholic Register, he tells how the Catholic Church also supports the communities by providing education and humanitarian assistance. Due to the small percentage of Christians in the country, about 15% of the population, many denominations band together in support of their common mission.

When asked what has motivated him so far, he shared the following insight: Pray for your own love of the people and for the love of the language. Expanding he noted, “You don’t have to love a government, you don’t have to love a culture, but if you don’t love people, what are you doing there? Love is the only thing that changes anything, and that’s what a missionary does”.


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