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03/09/2019 India (International Christian Concern) – In a report by Morning Star News, attacks on Christians in India’s Tamil Nadu state are becoming more common. In just the month of February, Morning Star News documented three instances where Christians were harassed by Hindu radicals and local police.

Starting on February 8, Pastor Edwin Joseph reported that the building he was using as a church in Musiri village, located in the Tiruchirappalli District, was burned by suspected Hindu radicals.

Speaking to Morning Star News, Pastor Joseph said, “At around 4:50 in the morning, we saw burning fire inside the church. From the foul smell of kerosene oil all around and a long wooden stick lying there, we came to know that a cloth tied to the wooden stick was dipped in the fuel and was thrown inside the open space, causing the fire.

The arson attack on Pastor Joseph’s church took place after repeated threats from Hindu radicals.

Then, on February 13, the founder of a Hindu nationalist party in the Thiruneermalai area went door-to-door warning local Christians against attending worship services. Morning Star News reported that this leader was accompanied by a female police officer while making threats against Christians.

Finally, on February 17, Morning Star News reported a mob of more than 25 Hindu radicals, led by the area’s BJP leaders, harassed 20 Christian women attending a prayer meeting in Vairichettipalayam village. According to Morning Star News, the women were ordered to disburse by the radicals, were threatened to be killed, and were called prostitutes.

Attacks on Christians and their places of worship in India’s Tamil Nadu state have increased dramatically in recent years. The Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) documented at least 40 incidents of persecution coming from Tamil Nadu in 2018. This made Tamil Nadu the second most persecuted state in India in 2018.

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