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03/07/2019 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – President Omar al-Bashir has stepped aside as the leader of the country’s leading political party. This comes as he is being protested by many people in Sudan, all calling form him to step down as president. His 30-year reign has been fraught with human rights violations, including warrants for his arrest by the International Criminal Court for genocide of the Darfur people.

His replacement, Ahmed Mohamed Haroun, was raised to the position after Bashir stepped down. Haroun is also wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes in the Darfur region. This shows that despite Bashir stepping aside, his party is still holding to the strict, extreme and horribly violent ideals that put them in power years ago.

Due to the protests, Bashir fired all of the State governors, and most of the federal government, and put military leaders in those positions. He is struggling to regain control over his own people as they have decided that they no longer want him.

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