ICC’s Volunteers Send Cards to Persecuted Children

03/07/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – While Christmas is meant to be a time of celebration, it can be a bitter­sweet time for many Christians around the world. Tainted by violence, displacement, or other forms of persecution, Christmas can be a particularly difficult time for the suffering Church. In order to bring a bit of encouragement to our brothers and sisters this past holiday season, volunteers wrote Christmas cards, which were then deliv­ered to the children enrolled in ICC’s child sponsorship program.

This project allowed volunteers to work together with their churches to reach out to persecuted children in a tangible way. Cards began flooding in from all over the world as volunteers from all walks of life sought to spread the Christmas cheer. One volunteer, Catarina, explained that not only her church participated, “but also the kin­dergarten where [her] daughter works and the youth group.”

The Christmas cards not only served as a holiday greeting, but also as a reminder that believers around the world are praying for and supporting these young brothers and sisters in Christ. “If we can relieve the pain and loneliness of our brothers and sisters, we should do it,” Catarina noted. “Persecuted, but not forsaken – that’s a promise from our Lord present in His Word.”

As volunteers around the world sat down to write their Christmas cards this year, it also provided them with an opportunity to pray for the recipients. Will you consider joining us in prayer for the members of ICC’s child sponsorship program? Pray for them to grow strong in their faith and become leaders in their community. Pray for them to break the cycle of generational poverty that plagues the region. Pray for wisdom and blessing for the teachers and leaders who work with these children on a daily basis.

For interviews, please contact Olivia Miller, Communications Coordinator: press@persecution.org

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