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03/07/2019 Afghanistan (International Christian Concern) – According to an article by Vision Christian Radio, a former child soldier from Afghanistan has converted to Christianity despite threats to his life. Afghanistan remains one of the most difficult countries for Christians with Open Doors USA ranking as the second worst country in the world for Christian persecution.

Jahan, a 24-year-old Afghani, said he was taught to kill people who were Christian because they were “infidels and no good.” However, when one of Jahan’s friends became a Christian and told him about his new faith, Jahan was open to listen.

According to Vision Christian Radio, Jahan said that reading the Bible for himself was eye opening. Jahan explained that reading the Bible helped him to understand that what he had been taught about Christians and Christianity was wrong.

Eventually, Jahan decided to convert to Christianity. Later, he had to flee from his family who threatened to kill him when they heard about his new faith.

Persecution in Afghanistan is extreme for the country’s tiny Christian community. Most Afghani Christians are converts from Islam and face very real and very deadly threats because of their conversion. In some cases, Christian converts are attacked by their own family who are ashamed that one of their own has become a Christian.

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