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03/01/2019 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – The Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust(HART), an NGO based in the UK, released a report from their work in Sudan and South Sudan. In the report, they spoke to victims and leaders in the Darfur and Nuba Mountains areas of Sudan. The people of the regions have been devastated by continued attacks on their communities by the government.

The regime does not want to finalise peace. They prefer to deny us our rights. They want to impose only one culture and one religion.”  Said Governor Anur Shallah, of the Nuba Mountains to HART. This is clearly true, as in 2011, Omar al-Bashir said that he wanted to make Sudan 100 percent Muslim since South Sudan was for Christians. This has led to arrests, destruction and seizure of Churches, harassment of pastors and genocide of Darfur and Nuba Mountains areas of Sudan. The Government is killing its own people. They are burning churches. They do not want people to be Christians.” Stated General Jagot Mukwar, Deputy Chair of SPLM-N to HART.

In December, 2018, many protests began throughout Sudan. Since then Bashir has been trying to regain his full control over the country. In this attempt, he fired all 18 of the state governors and replaced them with military leaders. With this move back to military dictatorial rule, we could very well see another increase in human rights violations.

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