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02/26/2019 China (International Christian Concern) – The mother of imprisoned pastor Wang Yi, 74-year-old Chen Yaxue, was beaten up by Chengdu police after refusing to let them peek at her ATM password.

Last Friday, when Chen went to her bank to withdraw money in the morning, one of the local police who were watching her, Zhang Junhu, attempted to steal her ATM password. After she firmly rejected, he was infuriated and “cursed her furiously and maliciously, pulling [her] hair and hitting her,” according to the church’s FB post.

A bank security guard tried to stop Zhang from attacking the elderly woman, yet the officer yelled back, “I am enforcing the law,” and continued to kick the old woman. His fellow officers also constrained her to prevent her from resisting the attack.

The FB post added, “The director of the Wangjiaguai Police Station promised that he would deal with the affair and requested that Wang Yi’s mom not to release the cop’s name and police ID. We will see. If the affair will not be handled by the law, we believe that God will avenge.”

On Monday, people from the Wangjiaguai Police Station showed an edited version of the bank’s CCTV footage to Chen Yaxue and threatened her that they could sue her for attacking the police. They also detained a Christian who helped publicize this incident online.

Chen’s son, pastor Wang Yi from the Autumn Rain Covenant Church (officially translated as “Early Rain Covenant Church”) was arrested last December in the latest government crackdown against house churches. His whereabouts is still unknown and his lawyer has repeatedly been denied access to see him.

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