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02/23/2019 Morocco (International Christian Concern) –  An article published by Moroccan World News asks the question, are Moroccan Christians persecuted or left alone? The article highlights two different opinions. Government officials deny Christians, including converts from Islam, are treated badly. However, Christians interviewed by the article point to discrimination, social hostility, and occasional problems with the government.

Such an article published in Morocco is unusual, as the question of the welfare of the country’s Christians is often ignored in the press. However, many Christian observers report an “opening of Morocco.” Whereas the country used to harshly persecute Christians, forcing the church underground, the situation began to change after the government hosted the 2016 Marrakesh Declaration, which championed the rights of religious minorities.

While no laws were changed following the declaration, local Christians reported a noticeable easing of direct persecution. As this recent article indicates, more Moroccans are willing to challenge the government’s narrative that all is well with Christians, going so far as to cite contradictions within the law. Many hope that this kind of dialogue will encourage the government to take real, concrete steps to ensure that the situation of Moroccan Christians will have longevity and continue to improve.

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