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02/19/2019 Niger (International Christian Concern) – The postponement of the elections in Nigeria has led to strife, anger, and mistrust. Nigeria was supposed to hold it national elections last week, voting into office the next president. This presidential race has been hotly contested by the APC incumbent, Muhammadu Buhari, and his top rival PDP leader, Atiku Abubakar. Many believe that this election will lead to either continued violence against Christians in Nigeria, or be the key to changing the ongoing conflicts between Fulani militants and Christian Farmers.

Despite the major importance of this election, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), announced mere hours before opening the polls, that the election had to be postponed for a week. This has led many citizens and both political parties to suspicion. Citizens saw the postponement as another sign that the government in Nigeria is incompetent and incapable. The announcement of the postponement at 2am the day of the election was seen as sinister. Many of these people lost time, money, and patience because they had planned on the 16th as being the day they would vote.

Both Political parties are now blaming each other for this act as well. The PDP is saying that the ruling APC caused the postponement because it wanted to hold onto power and is worried it might lose. The APC however has blamed the PDP saying it wanted more time to raise support before the voting took place. These types of accusations have led to even more suspicion of the Nigerian Government.

Factors given by the INEC that led to the postponement included logistical problems, weather, and potential sabotage of their offices. Three of their office had fires within a span of two weeks leading up to the elections.

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