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Charges Filed Against Detained Iranian Christian

02/14/2019 Iran (International Christian Concern) –  Simon Soheili, a Muslim Background Believer from Iran, has been informed that she will face charges of “disturbing public order, propagating Christianity, and connecting with foreign entities.” She has been imprisoned since January 30th in Evin Prison. If convicted of these charges, she faces a long-term detainment of 10 years.

Another Christian convert, Yaser, has also been held in Evin Prison since January 30th. No details are known regarding his case. However, he has a severely disabled teenage son at home.

The Islamic Republic of Iran views Christianity as a national security threat. The regime makes every effort to ensure that the church remains hidden underground. Christians are often arbitrarily detained, imprisoned for years, subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment, and targeted by heavy surveillance. Despite these pressures, the church in Iran has grown significantly. Many Iranians, tired of having their souls governed by a harsh regime, are curious and open to learning more about Christianity.

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