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02/11/2019 Mali (International Christian Concern) – A new video of a kidnapped Colombian nun has recently surfaced, giving hope to those praying for her safe return. Sister Gloria Argoti, a Colombian nun, was kidnapped two years ago in southern Mali by the Nusrat al-Islam wal Mulimeen group.

Sister Gloria had been working with orphanages and illiterate women in outhern Mali when she was kidnapped on February 7, 2017. After she was kidnapped, the work Sister Gloria’s convent was stopped for fear of further kidnappings.

In January 2019, a new hostage video surfaced that indicated Sister Gloria was still alive. Bishop Toma told World Watch Monitor, “The fact that she referred to the Pope’s trip to Chile and Peru makes us think the video is recent.

There is now new hope that she is still alive and could possibly be safely returned by her kidnappers.

Sister Gloria was faithfully ministering to the poor and destitute in Mali. The country is one of the poorest in the world and is heavily reliant on foreign aid according to the Central Intelligence Agency. The ministry of these nuns not only teach the Malian people the Gospel, but also helps their physical wellbeing. If Sister Gloria is returned safely, the nuns may be able to return to their mission work.

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