Iran Declares “Islamic Clemency” for Some Prisoners

02/09/2019 Iran (International Christian Concern) – Iranian media has announced that “Islamic clemency” will be granted to approximately 50,000 prisoners on the occasion of the country’s 40th anniversary. It is unclear whether they will be freed or merely have their sentences reduced. When pressured to include political prisoners in this number, the regime responded by saying “currently we do not have such prisoners.”

Detained Iranian Christians often face national security related charges because of their faith. ICC has documented approximately 250 cases currently active in Iran. It is not anticipated that any of these Christians will be released as part of Iran’s grant of Islamic clemency.

Forty years ago, the Iranian Revolution reached its height on February 11, 1979 when revolutionary forces and rebel troops caused the collapse of the Shah’s rule. Since then, Iran has been rule by clergy and a political elite who have fused Islam with governance. This has opened the door to the spread of the Gospel message. However, it is has also lead the regime to crackdown with great intensity against Christians.

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