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02/08/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – In Uzbekistan, pastors are often persecuted for their faith, yet the persecution the pastor may face affects every aspect of his family’s life as well. This was certainly the case for Pastor K. and his family. After he was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison, his family’s health quickly began to decline due to stress and a lack of funds to adequately provide for themselves. Pastor K.’s wife developed high blood pressure and gallbladder stones and his son began battling severe depression.

ICC is helping to provide for Pastor K.’s family by ensuring that his son receives help for his depression. We are also assisting his family with the cost of medical treatment, food, and cloth­ing. While we unfortunately cannot accelerate Pastor K.’s release from prison, we will work diligently to make life easier for his family during this difficult season.

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