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02/08/2019 Ethiopia (International Christian Concern) – A Christian police officer in Ethiopia was recently arrested, dismissed, and told to move to another part of the country after he was discovered talking about his faith in uniform. According to World Watch Monitor, the Christian police officer, whose name has been withheld for security reasons, had converted to Christianity from Islam two year prior to his dismissal.

The Christian police officer grew up as a member of the Somali tribe living in Ethiopia’s eastern Somali region. Nearly 100% of the Somali tribe are Muslim.

According to World Watch Monitor, the Christian police officer was overheard talking about his new faith while in uniform in the Liyou police force. Colleagues filed a complaint against the Christian police officer with the Somali State Human Right Office, who advised the Christian to return to Islam.

When the Christian police officer refused, he was arrested, dismissed, and advised to relocate to another part of Ethiopia.

Muslim converts to Christianity often face extreme levels of discrimination and persecution. In some areas of the world, being a known convert to Christianity from Islam is enough to get an individual killed by members of their own family.

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