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02/07/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – “Iranian youth are no longer happy and satisfied with the sta­tus quo,” said Dr. Ansari. “They are looking elsewhere for the meaning of life…this is a very enlightened generation in Iran.”

Education has led them to real­ize that “the legacy and his­tory of Christianity [in Iran] goes over a thousand years ago,” con­tinued Dr. Ansari. “The youth realize that over time the Church was marginalized and eradiated by Islamic rulers. They are tak­ing a sense of pride in their past and heritage. They want to know what their ancestors were before they were forced to be Muslim.”

This is where King Cyrus becomes important. Iranians “gravitate toward historical fact…When they realize that in the Old Testament that King Cyrus was mentioned, revered, and even a parallel to the Messiah, they really tune in,” explained Dr. Ansari.

“These days, Iranians are unfortunately [thought of as] terrorists, but that is not how they want to be known. Once they realize that they have had a global impact and freed the captives, their worldview starts to change. Providing scripture to the people of Iran helps vali­date their historical past,” Dr. Ansari continued.

As we remember the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s founding, we must remember that the country that once freed the captives is now being held hostage. Iranian believers have paid a heavy price for their faith in Christ. But, in part because of their witness, Iranians now know that they are also held captive by Islam. The Iranian people are eager for freedom, and any regime that seeks to control a person’s soul cannot last forever.

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