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02/02/2019 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – Christians in Sudan face some of the harshest persecution in the world today. They are often beaten, arrested falsely and without accusations, and threatened with death. Many of these Christians then must flee for the safety of other countries so that they can worship freely. This was the case for one woman named Ebtehaj Alsanosi Altejani Mostafa, as reported by Morningstar News.

Ebtehaj had to flee her country of Sudan in 2005 after she had been thrown in jail five times for her faith in Christ. She fled to Cairo in search of safety and freedom to worship. When she arrived, she met a man named Mostafa, who was also a Sudanese Refugee of Faith and a pastor. They later married and have had to move on several occasions around Egypt due to continued threats and attacks against their family.

In February 2017, Ebtehaj was kidnapped, beaten and raped by Sudanese Islamic Extremists who wanted her to recant her faith in Christ and return to Islam. The kidnappers also threatened to kill her husband and young daughter if she would not recant. Despite all that she went through, she would not deny Christ. After days of torture and humiliation, she was knocked unconscious and thrown on the street.

Her kidnappers have not been arrested and she still suffers from attack. Last November, her Muslim brother entered her Church and asked for the location of her husband from other Church goers. She still fears for her and her families’ lives, but she hopes that God will use her experiences for His will.

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