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01/30/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Another attack took place in Plateau State Nigeria on January 19 of this year. The attack was an ambush by Fulani militants against several Christians as they were travelling from a friend’s home in Bell Community back to their home in Sho community. The two individuals, Alayos Vincent and Dung Vwos, were shot at by the militants at about 7 pm that night. Mr. Vincent was critically injured and rushed to hospital after the attack, however, Mr. Vwos died at the scene of the attack.

The reason for the attack is still unclear. It could have been robbery, continued aggression to displace people, or politically motivated. What is sure however, is that these types of attacks must stop. The Nigerian government has turned a blind eye to the many thousands of people that were killed in Fulani militant attacks in 2018 alone. They have only made superficial and impotent attempts to protect the citizens of their country. Communities continue to burn, people continue to die and flee their homes, and land continues to be stolen by these groups of extremists.

Rev. Dacholom Datiri, president of the Church of Christ in Nigeria delivered a report to President Buhari last November which stated how in 2018 in Plateau State, 646 Christians were killed, 30 church buildings and 4,436 Christian homes were destroyed, and 38,000 Christians were living in 10 IDP camps from March through October. Despite this large amount of death and destruction, no one has been held accountable. For men such as Alayos and Dung, we hope to see a major change in the Nigerian Governments attitude after the coming February elections.

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