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Village in India’s Gujarat State Bans Entry of “Christian Outsiders”

01/29/2019 India (International Christian Concern) – A village located in India’s Gujarat state has hung banners banning the entry of what it calls “Christian outsiders”. The action taken by village leaders is reportedly an attempt to stop the spread of Christianity to the village’s tribal Hindus.

Written in Gujarati, the banners were hung at the entry point of Gandeva village saying, “All the outsider brothers-sisters of Christian religion, should not enter into Haripura street.” Local Hindu tribals, who put up the banner, told The Indian Express that the “ban” was to prevent “outsiders from coming to the village and converting tribal Hindus.

Gandeva village, which has a population of 7,500, is home to some 900 Christians, many of whom come from a tribal background. According to villagers, Christian leaders from outside the village come and lead worship services every Sunday morning.

Christians in India are often falsely accused of illegally converting Hindus to Christianity. This false narrative is used to justify discrimination and, at times, outright attacks on Christians. The narrative is also used to justify the enactment of anti-conversion laws that make religious conversions illegal without government consent.

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