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01/29/2019 Kenya (International Christian Concern) – A Christian family just outside Nairobi, Kenya has been facing attack and threats by a local group of Muslims. Morningstar News reported on the family of Hassan, after he was again attacked by locals who hate him and his widowed mother for their faith in Christ. Not only has Hassan been beaten on multiple occasions, including this attack which took place on January 19, 2019, but his family has also received constant death threats and bribes to convert back to Islam.

His mother, who had spoken with Morningstar, said that these attacks have left them in fear. They fled from Somalia after Hassan’s father died, looking for a safe place in Nairobi to lead their new Christian lives. However, all they have had since then is fear from the local Muslim community, including family members.

Though Kenya is a majority-Christian nation, it suffers constant attacks from the terrorist group al-Shabaab from Somalia. Local Muslim Background Believers, also often suffer at the hands of Muslim Somali communities. Families like Hassan’s should not have to suffer for their faith in Christ. The people who conduct these attack need to be found and held accountable under Kenya’s laws.

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