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01/28/2019 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Nigeria is about to have its presidential elections that will solidify country’s leadership for the next four years.  With mere weeks to go to the elections, Nigeria’s current president has suspended the nation’s top judge, Chief Justice Walter Onnoghen. There are many groups, including the People Democratic Party (PDP), who are calling this an illegal act and an attack on democracy. It is thought that Buhari is using this as a way to distract voters and politicians from the election.

For a chief justice to be removed in Nigeria, it takes a two thirds vote in the senate. This move by the president is being seen by many in the country as a step back towards the nation’s military dictatorial past. Buhari has been accused of many missteps, corruption and political abuses during his term as president. This includes his inability or complete disregard in dealing with the Fulani militant problem that left over 2,000 people murdered in 2018, most of whom were Christian farmers.

Unless there is a change of the president, there will likely be continued violence against Christian farmers in the Middle Belt of Nigeria. We pray that whoever wins this next election, the corruption and terrorism that has plagued Nigeria for many years will be stopped.

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