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Asia Bibi Continues to Live Like a Prisoner in Pakistan Months After Acquittal

01/18/2019 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – Asia Bibi, a Christian woman formally on death row in Pakistan, continues to live like a prisoner almost three months after her acquittal by the Supreme Court. Bibi, who continues to be a controversial figure in Pakistan, remains in grave danger as she seeks to flee the country with her family.

On October 31, 2018, Bibi was acquitted by Pakistan’s Supreme Court of the blasphemy charges that had kept her on death row for nearly a decade. Following the announcement of Bibi’s acquittal, Islamic hardliners took to the streets in protest across Pakistan. These nationwide protests brought the country to a standstill for nearly three days.

In order to appease the protesters, the government agreed to have the Supreme Court review its decision to acquit Bibi. In the meantime, Bibi has not been allowed to leave the country until that review is complete.

As the Supreme Court awaits its review, Bibi and members of her family have been shifted to an unknown location by Pakistani security forces. According to friends of the family, Bibi is not even able to open a window in her hideout.

As Bibi and her family face an uncertain future, continued prayer on their behalf is needed. Pray that Bibi and her family are given a sense of peace as they await the opportunity to flee Pakistan for freedom.

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