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01/14/2019 Uganda (Morning Star News) – Two attacks on the Christian community of eastern Uganda have left local Christians in a state of fear. In October 2018, a church led by a Christian convert from Islam was tore down. Then, late last month, on December 20, a Christian woman was beaten and hospitalized for holding Christian prayers in her home.

Simon Mustafa Waseke converted to Christianity in 2017 and founded a small church after many Muslims accepted Christ through his message. The church was built in the Kibenga area, Lyama parish in Kakutu Sub-County.

Because of his success in reaching the local Muslim population, Waseke and his church became a target for attack. On October 10, a gang of Muslim villagers led by a local imam attacked the church and tore it down.

On December 20, 15 miles away in Budaka town, Deborah Gimbo was attacked and beaten while praying within her own home. According to Gimbo, four assailants broke into her home while she was holding evening prayers with two other Christian women.

The assailants told Gimbo they wanted her to stop praying to Jesus. When Gimbo refused, they beat her with sticks. According to Gimbo, a local sheikh had told the assailants that people who pray to Jesus should be fought and pressured until they accept Islam.

These two attacks have left the Christian community in eastern Uganda in a state of fear. Although attacks on Christian converts from Islam are common, it is feared that this violence could spread to the Christian community at large.

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