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01/12/2019 Algeria (International Christian Concern) – An Algerian Christian farmer from a Muslim Background was acquitted of blasphemy charges on December 30th, according to Middle East Concern.

This farmer became a Christian in 2013 and his wife’s family would eventually discover his conversion. Because of their threats, the farmer would move his family to another province where he began work as a laborer. Their new location was discovered in 2017. His wife was persuaded to accuse him of insulting Islam and threatening her.

Police searched his house and then charged him with blasphemy. His wife was granted a divorce—as Muslim women cannot be married to non-Muslims—and she was granted custody of his two daughters. While he is now acquitted of blasphemy charges, he continues to face hardship as a result of lost employment. His in-laws also continue to deny access to his children.

Algeria’s constitution provides for the freedom of worship but declares Islam to be the state religion. Insulting or offending Islam is considered a criminal offense. In addition to imprisonment, convicted Christians can also face hefty fines if convicted of blasphemy.

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