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01/10/2019 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – A Pakistani Christian seeking asylum in the U.K. is to be forcefully deported back to Pakistan despite claims that his life will be in danger. Asher Sampson, age 41, has lived in the U.K. for the past 15 years, but is being deported after his asylum claim was rejected.

In an interview with The Independent, Sampson claimed that he was “terrified” at the prospect of being sent back to Pakistan. He also said, “If they do send me back my life will be really in danger.

Christians, who make up less than 2% of Pakistan’s population, face high levels of discrimination from their Muslim neighbors. At times, discrimination erupts into incidents of outright persecution such as false blasphemy accusations, attacks on churches and Christian communities, or even forced conversions to Islam.

Friend of Sampson have started a petition for him to remain in the U.K., however, it seems likely that he will be deported to Pakistan.

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