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01/10/2019 Qatar (International Christian Concern) –  A church complex in Doha (Qatar) has become an area of Christian diversity in a country where nearly two decades ago Christians were not allowed to gather for worship. The complex is a collection of various Christian churches of different denominations, mostly composed of congregants from the expat community.

Qatar is officially an Islamic nation and predominately an expatriate country. Eight Christian denominations are officially recognized and are allowed to worship in Doha at the Mesaymeer Religious Complex. Conversion from Islam is illegal and thus the churches must take care when conducting activities outside of their designated space in Doha. Unregistered Christian groups are also illegal and public worship of non-Islamic faiths is tightly regulated.

A media report recently published by al-Araby compares the situation of Christians in Qatar with the historical past. The report cites Christians who can recall illegally meeting in house churches before being given a designated space. These Christians recall a time of closeness when meeting in secret. Today, the church has grown significantly and they face no restrictions within their designated space. However, the report also cites Christians who feel as if a community spirit has been lost through the businesses of so many churches contained within one designated space.

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