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01/06/2019 Egypt (International Christian Concern) –  Tomorrow, Egypt’s Coptic Christian community will gather to celebrate Orthodox Christmas. The government has made a number of symbolic gestures to show solidarity with the church. President Sisi remains the first Egyptian president to regularly attend Christmas Mass. Today, he officially opened the largest cathedral in the Middle East. The reality is, however, that the persecution of Christians in Egypt continues at an alarming pace.

Islam remains the official religion of Egypt, which means that all other religions such as Christianity are considered subordinate. Subsequently, harassment and discrimination are the daily tenants of life for Christians.  As well as the possibilities of imprisonment and violence.

Violent mob attacks against an entire Christian community are common in Egypt. Many Christians often worry about the possibility of attacks by hardline Islamists, especially during the celebration of Christian holidays such as Christmas. A recent blasphemy conviction against a Christian over a Facebook post also serves as a reminder that while the government is providing official support during Christmas, Christians are still regarded as having less rights than their Muslim neighbors.

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