ICC Supports Underground Pastors Around the World

01/03/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – In many persecuted countries, under­ground pastors serve as the backbone of the Christian community, dili­gently serving their congregations and ministering to the unreached. However, their job is far from easy, and they face countless obstacles, ranging from violence to poverty to discrimination. Through our Underground Pastors Fund, we seek to support these brave men and women by meeting their practical, day-to-day needs.

In some cases, a pastor has an immediate, one-time need that we are able to fulfil. This was the case for Pastor Samuel*, a pastor in central India who was ambushed by a group of Hindu radicals. During the attack, the extremists destroyed Pastor Samuel’s motorbike, his only available form of trans­portation for ministry.

After hearing about Pastor Samuel’s situ­ation, we stepped in to provide him with a new motorbike. This vehicle will allow him to travel freely as he evangelizes and plants churches in rural villages that he would be unable to reach on foot. Pastor Samuel expressed, “Now that I have a new bike, I need not to worry at all… Having encourage­ment in this manner not only makes me more responsible, but it motivated me.”

In other remote parts of the world, it is nearly impossible to serve as a full-time pastor and earn a steady income simultane­ously. Therefore, pastors in these regions often struggle to make ends meet and are forced to choose between supporting their families and shepherding their churches. In such regions, we support pastors stuck in this difficult situation by providing financial support.

Throughout Central Asia, we provide regular support to Christian leaders so that they can continue to evangelize while also supporting their families. In Iran, we support several underground pastors who are forced to minister in secrecy due to the ever present threats of violence. In Indonesia, we support a group of church planters who are actively serving and ministering to unreached people groups.

ICC has joined hands with Christian communities all over the world, from the Middle East to Southeast Asia, to support the efforts of faithful under­ground pastors. However, this work would not be possible without the gen­erous support of donors. If you would like to donate to support underground pastors or learn more about ICC’s Underground Pastors fund, please visit www.persecution.org or give us a call at 1-800-ICC-5441.

For interviews, please contact Olivia Miller, Communications Coordinator: press@persecution.org

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