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01/02/2019 Uganda (International Christian Concern) – Another convert in Uganda has been attacked for leaving Islam to Christianity reported Morningstar News. The 28-year-old man, Muhamud Gusolo now named Simon, has lost his home, his land, his wife and children, and all support from the community and his family. Simon converted to Christianity in late 2017, and was able to remain at home and living among his community until he started hosting a Bible Study and worship in his home in October 2018.

After this, he started receiving threats from his father that the community. His father disowned his and said that he was a kaffir, which means infidel. He has said that Simon will not receive any inheritance. Then on December 7, a mob was formed and marched to his home. They destroyed his banana plantation, and kicked him out of his house. On December 8, he left the community for safety, but his wife remained with their six children, as she was still Muslim.

Simon has yet to receive any help continues to receive threats from family and one time friends. Despite Uganda being a majority Christian nation, there are many areas with Muslim majority populations. In these areas, Christians often suffer at the hands of the community and even legal system. It is worst for those who convert from Islam. We must continue to pray for those who suffer at the hands of those who hate Christ.

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