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01/02/2019 Iran (International Christian Concern) – Two Christian sisters arrested and assaulted during interrogation by Iranian authorities have reportedly been released on bail. They were arrested in early December in Ahvaz on the charge of acting against national security by promoting Christianity. A bail of $44,000 each had been set by a judge.

These Christians were arrested as part of a two-month crackdown against the church by Iranian authorities. Over 150 Christians were arrested. While the legal status of many remain unknown, some of those who remained detained are beginning to make bail. The whereabouts of others, such as the two Christians arrested in Ahvaz at the same time as the sisters, remain unknown.

Iranian Christians are often arrested on national security charges, as the authorities believe that Christianity is a direct threat to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Most Christians in Iran are converts from Islam. In addition to years long prison sentences, judges often set a high bail on Christians. Given the ever worsening economic environment of Iran, high bail amounts are often unattainable for Christians. In the case of the two sisters, the family had to pay approximately $88,000 to have them temporarily released from prison.

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