Iranian Christian Released on Bail with Health Concerns

01/01/2019 Iran (International Christian Concern) –  Jamshid Derakhshan, an Iranian Christian who was found in Rajaee Shahr Prison two weeks after his disappearance, has been temporarily released on bail. Jamshid had converted from Islam over 30 years ago and was arrested while traveling to attend a house church ceremony in Hashtgerd on November 30th.

His case is pending in the Seventh Branch of the Revolutionary Court and during his imprisonment he was kept for two weeks in solitary confinement. During this time, he was regularly interrogated. His interrogators connected his Christian faith with Israel, an increasingly common theme as the regime views Christianity as a national security issue.

Jamshid’s family was concerned about the state of his health during imprisonment, as he does suffer from a stomach illness. Upon his release, it was shown that he had developed additional health complications as a result of the stressful interrogation environment which he was subjected to. Although he is released on bail, his case is still pending before Iran’s judiciary which has a notable reputation for dealing harshly with Christians.

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