ICC Provides Carpentry Shop for Christian Accused of Blasphemy

01/01/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Christian minorities are often regarded as second-class citizens in Pakistan, and therefore face persecution on a daily basis. Barkat, a Christian living and raising his fam­ily in Pakistan, knows this full well.

Barkat was accused of blasphemy by one of his clients at work in 2011. Barkat was arrested under Section 295-C of Pakistan’s Penal Code and placed in jail. For two years, he remained in jail until he was acquitted of all charges in 2013. During his time in prison, he and his family suffered greatly as a result of the shame placed on their family in light of the arrest, the lack of income, and the mounting legal fees.

Once acquitted of his charges, Barkat needed to start earning an income again to support his family. He dreamed of opening a carpentry shop since he was an expert woodworker and professional carpenter, yet he lacked the start-up funds to do so. Barkat completed small jobs here and there, yet he was unable to generate enough income to provide for his family.

ICC supported Barkat and his family by enabling him to open up a carpentry shop. ICC provided him with rent for the shop, wood for his carpentry work, paint, tools, and other equipment necessary to start his business off on the right foot. Barkat told ICC that he “never hoped or expected to put up such a nice business in life. It is God’s providence; He has listened to our cry!”

Today, his business is flourishing. Barkat makes beds, wooden kitchen accessories, and various other household items, provid­ing a sustainable income for his family.

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