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12/30/2018 Uganda (International Christian Concern) – Uganda has a growing Muslim population, but even with its largest possible numbers, it is still only about 15% of the total population. Despite this, the local Muslim Community tries to claim that it makes up 25% of the 42 million population. As this population grows, there is also a growing fear among Christians who live in Muslim majority areas as well.

According to a report by the Washington Post, the Alliance of Democratic Forces (ADF), a Muslim extremist group based in Congo, has moved to Uganda and started propaganda campaigns in Eastern Uganda. These campaigns have led to increased anti-Christian sentiments and attacks on Christians who are unwilling to convert to Islam.

Many of these Christians are now looking to the government for the protection that they are supposed to be guaranteed, but it has been other Christian leader who have been taking in those attacked or converts in fear of attack. When ICC visited Uganda earlier this year, we were able to meet with several pastor who were hosting hundreds of Muslim Background Believers. We must continue to pray for these brave men and women who are helping those most in need in Uganda. We must also pray for those in Uganda who are suffering for their faith in Christ.

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