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12/30/2018 Iran (International Christian Concern) – Iranian State news connected with the Revolutionary Guards has announced that nine Iranian Christians were arrested during Christmas week. These nine Christians were arrested in Alborz Province, which is just northwest of Iran. The names of the individuals have not yet been reported.

The Iranian church has experienced a harsh crackdown by the authorities over the last two months. The Islamic Regime does not recognize a person’s Christian faith if they are a convert from Islam, and views their conversion as a threat to national security.

The Regime only recognizes Christianity in the traditional churches which predate the revolution. However, even these churches are hard-pressed by the authorities. This all stands in direct contradiction to the constitution, which protects religious freedom.

At least 150 Christians have been arrested since November in Iran. Upon arrest, many are interrogated by the authorities seeking to disassemble the underground church. If released, they continue to be harassed and put under surveillance by the authorities. If imprisoned, they are often sent to the jails with some of the worst human rights abuses in the country.

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