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12/27/2018 Libya (International Christian Concern) – According to the Libyan Express, Libya’s Interior Ministry has located the remains of the 34 Ethiopian Christians executed by the Islamic State (ISIS) in April 2015. The bodies were located on a farm near the coastal city of Sirte. The mass grave was discovered through confessions captured ISIS members made following the battle to retake Sirte.

The 34 Ethiopian Christians were in Libya as migrant workers. They were captured by ISIS, who then executed them by beheading and shooting. The execution was filmed and used in a propaganda video which further threatened Christians. The incident came just months after ISIS had beheaded a group of Egyptian Christians in 2015. Their mass grave was found last year.

The mass graves of the victims of ISIS continue to be discovered across the Middle East. While ISIS has experienced serious setbacks across the region, Libya continues to be a fertile field for the militants. Christianity in Libya exists primarily as migrant workers, although the threat of ISIS has significantly deterred many from continuing work there. ISIS and other foreign terrorist organizations widely operate throughout Libya, controlling territory throughout the country.

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