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12/27/2018 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Seven Christian villagers were reported killed by armed Fulani militants yesterday night in the town of Rawuru in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria. This village is just one of many that have been attacked in 2018 in Barkin Ladi. In June of this year, over 230 people were killed during a several day attack on this location. The size and coordination of those attacks showed that this could not just be another small local clash. It was clearly a well thought out and preplanned attack meant to kill as many people as possible.

These types of attacks are not the normal farmer herder conflict that the Nigerian government has been trying to claim they are. They are clearly meant to kill, terrify, and displace local villages from their land. If the Nigerian government does not end this conflict sometime soon, there could be continued violent conflict which turns into a civil war.

In 2018, Fulani militant attacks have claimed the lives of more than 1700 people. This is nearly three times as many deaths as were committed by all sects of Boko Haram. Despite this, there have been almost no arrests or attempts to stop this violence. There have only been small statements made to console the families of the thousands slain.

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