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12/18/2018 Uganda (International Christian Concern) – Although Uganda is a relatively safe country to be a Christian in, many who convert from Islam face persecution. These people, often referred to as MBBs (Muslim Background Believers), often face horrific consequences from local Muslim communities and family members when they decide to follow Christ. This is the case of one such lady named Shakira Wanyenze, as reported by Morningstar News.

Shakira is a mother of four who recently converted to following Christ. When her husband found out, he attacked her and has since threatened to kill her. She then looked for shelter with a local pastor and church, who has also been receiving threats from her husband.

In October, ICC took a trip to Uganda and met with nearly 100 individuals and families who are in a very similar situation. Sadly, the Ugandan government has done little to stop these kinds of actions from taking place. Despite the fact that more than 80% of the country identifies as Christian, local communities have a lot of autonomy, which has given power in these areas to more extreme Muslim groups. Thankfully, however, there are dedicated churches and pastors who are reaching out to and sheltering these MBBs whenever they can. Please continue to pray for families like Shakira’s and for those who are helping to rescue them.

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